A Primer on Serious Games, Meaningful Play, and Games in Education

My interest in serious games/meaningful play, and games in second language education in general has grown over the past few years, so I figured I’d start putting together this collection of useful resources I come across on the subject. Hopefully this will grow big enough that I can start compiling something more concrete and useful […]

Audio Streaming with Firefly Media Server

Our Language Lab currently serves up its foreign music collection via an iTunes server that is built in to our Infrant ReadyNAS 1100. The NAS itself is a great piece of hardware, especially for the price, and allows us to archive media, student projects from iMovie and Garageband, and store backup images of our application […]

IALLT 2007, Thurs. June 21 – Comic and Manga Creation

On the fun side of things, Felix Kronenberg from Pomona College did a demonstration of some of the software available for making comics and manga, and some of the projects that students have used them for. Felix mentioned Manga Studio, which I saw at Digital Stream, but rightly pointed out that it is too complex […]