IALLT 2007, Thurs. June 21 – Comic and Manga Creation

On the fun side of things, Felix Kronenberg from Pomona College did a demonstration of some of the software available for making comics and manga, and some of the projects that students have used them for. Felix mentioned Manga Studio, which I saw at Digital Stream, but rightly pointed out that it is too complex to build into a course and have students use, unless they want to do so on their own. Most of the presentation was focused on Comic Life and Pulp Motion.

I’ve seen both before, but never used either. The lab manual for our lab system, DiLL, was created using Comic Life, so I know what it’s capable of, but I wasn’t aware of how easy it was. I can’t wait to find a reason to start making some comics. Pulp Motion was featured on Cool OSX Apps, and it looked fun, but I couldn’t see any reason to make use of it. Maybe I need to stop letting that hinder me from playing around.

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