IALLT Flickr Set

While at IALLT I got a chance to test my camera that I bought some time ago, but as of yet have had little time to try out. I also ran the photos through Lightroom, which I have been pretty pleased with. It is fairly fast on my older G4 Powerbook, and has some nice processing presets.

Barb at Lang Lab Unleashed gave me the idea to throw them in a Flickr photoset (I forgot I even had a Flickr account), which lets you view them as a slideshow.

My small photoset.

I toyed around with the “Direct Positive” filter in Lightroom, which I really like on the photos of the musicians. The filter really made the fiddler’s colors pop. Also, I really like the picture of the monk in the square near the Christian Science Monitor building.

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  1. Thanks for the comment…. I will make a link to your photoset both off of our site as well as the IALLT wiki!

    Be sure to use the tag IALLT07!


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