IALLT 2007, Thurs. June 21 – Fear and Loathing in the Age of Fear Factor

This was a really interesting talk on how a new generation of student learns. Mark Knowles from Yale University talked about the book “Everything Bad is Good for You,” and how its premise that games and reality television, far from simply being the bane of modern existence, plunging society toward “more sophosticated ways of delivering […]

IALLT 2007, Thurs. June 21 – Revolution for the Next Revolution in Managing Media

The session began with a brief and largely comical overview of the history of Language Labs, which until the advent of computers had largely been based on rote learning, assisted by technology that was not specialized (i.e. was co-opted) for language labs, and which offered little in the way of extensions to out-of-class learning. The […]

IALLT 2007, Wed. June 20 – Podcast Workshop

Today was my first day at IALLT, and I attended the pre-conference workshop by Samantha Earp, Implementing an iPod program for language learning. Samantha is the Project Manager of the Duke Digital Initiative. The workshop was great, and it covered just about every aspect of planning, technology, and pedagogy that such a program can touch […]

Czech and Slovak Harvest Festival, Bannister Michigan

This is a montage of footage I took at the Czech and Slovak Harvest Festival in Bannister, Michigan. Initially I wanted to do more with the subject, but I didn’t plan ahead enough, and the rush I was in shows. Not only did I bring a broken clip-on mic, but I got to the festival […]