Czech and Slovak Harvest Festival, Bannister Michigan

This is a montage of footage I took at the Czech and Slovak Harvest Festival in Bannister, Michigan. Initially I wanted to do more with the subject, but I didn’t plan ahead enough, and the rush I was in shows. Not only did I bring a broken clip-on mic, but I got to the festival late due to some horrific car troubles.

As a result the audio during the audio interview is awful, and I didn’t have time to set up as I’d have liked. In the end I decided to just compile this fun little tribute in lieu of a more traditional documentary. Enjoy.


  1. hey I wanted to go to the festival but I had a few questions first Is there a parade how much is the dinner???

  2. There isn’t really a parade, they just have a procession for about a block before the dancing begins. The dinner is something like $5 I think, and the food is awesome.

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